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Frousse à damiers

J'aime les guimauves

10 sep 05 10:16

Just in case you kids didn't notice...

I got a new El Jay Username... like a million years ago. Whatever.

10 aoû 05 21:23

Don't diss Ross bikes, they're as prestigious, if not more, than Schwinn bikes.

Yea, I said it, what now?

27 mai 05 07:37


I have curly hair.

That is all.

22 mar 05 22:03 - this thing is back

Ehhh, I'll make my super-secret one later... too lazy.

Brittany rules for bringing pizzzzaaaa

lupita rules for doing yoga with me and making me vegan french toast.

ryan rules because he does.

Brit rules because I'm going to beat the crap out of her soon.

Paloma rocks it because... she knows why.

Hmm, everyone else rules.

I think I might take my moon pictures this weekend, if the clouds decide to NOT eat the night sky like they did last time. Fuckers.

21 mar 05 21:58 - thank you.

Maggie has mad MS paint skills, do you?

20 mar 05 09:51 - Funk-Dance Pit Revolution.

Wow, last night rocked. Will rocked that guitar so hard, it's weird to think that he is that good on the guitar. The band in the lobby sucked, I wanted them to go eat their arms. Girls in Suede is so different. They no longer have that jazz-ska feel to them, it's sad. However, Ryan and I still danced like none other. Ben kept picking me up because he 'likes to hold me'... what a silly kid with a blond fro! I went to give Ryan a high five and Kelly walked by (mozzie, mossi, whatever) and stopped to let us do it. But then he grabbed me and started humping my leg... I just met the kid that very day. Oh well, no matter. I walked over to talk to Erin and I noticed some brown-haired boy was staring at me. I look over and he yells, "pen pal!" It was Travis! haha, it was such a surprise. I talked to him for a bit and then ran off to dance some more.

Ava is hot sex...

Toast Machine came on and the battle between the moshpit and the funk pit commenced. At first it was only a few of us (megan, ryan, erin and me) and we were being taken out and plowed through quite often. This girl in a green shirt wanted to rumble, but I just kept dancing. We danced our hearts out and Emily appeared and so did Eli in his sweet disco jump suit. Greg showed up and there was much hugging, his dreads are all gooone. I ran up onto the stage and stage dove. That was THE best stage diving experience I've ever had. At first I thought I was going to fall face first, but then they rolled me into a summer-sault, it was so great! When I came down I had random guys patting my shoulders and giving me high fives, I felt like a pimp. I got back and dance around in the moshpit (while shoving people out of my way) when suddenly I felt someone jump on my back. I had no idea who it was so I shook them off and kept running around. After the song russ came up to me and told me I gave terrible piggy back rides. Way to jump on me while I'm dance-moshing. Gio announced that they were to play their last song so I yelled arabian song, and of course: they played arabian song. I think that was the best rendition I've heard of Arabian Song live. Oh man, that song is the best to dance to. After that I gave russell a proper piggy back ride, and then another. He may be skinny, but he's tall, so he towered over me and almost threw me off balance, but I could handle it... Megan's dancing was so hot, Erin was hardcore, Emily was seducing everyone with her moves (even me!), and Ryan was bleeding from a run in with Kelby (wtf was up with kelby that night?).

Toast Machine has definitely lost heat, fan-wise. There weren't as many people there, but that's what made it more fun. There were less people to worry about flying into you when you're just trying to enjoy some good music. There were a lot of my friends there, but none of them are important. Especially not Paloma who left to be lame. What a lamer.

It was raining so hard last night, after ryan dropped us off Maika and I had to run to my house... and our pants and shoes were still drenched.

19 mar 05 18:17

This morning I went to Karina's with Brit, it was kinda like ehh what am I doing here. Then we went to deaf dog, where we spent most of our day. Will came and sat down with us, kylie and leanna later showed up. Brit was taken home, and will was kidnapped. We sat in leanna's house watching fight club, it was kind of weird that will was with us, but whatever. Haha, I've only talked to him like twice (once when he was really drunk and probably doesn't remember it) but I spent like the whole day with him. Kylie and leanna went to go pick up leanna's grandmother, and will and I went to deaf dog. There was russell, kevin, robbie, kelly... and us. We sat there and talked, it was kind of awkward so I just sat there. Then everyone began to leave to their respective homes and hair cutting places. Kelly, or "mozie", gave me a ride home. What a nice guuy.

Those kids are worse than high school girls, as soon as kelly got up to change his sweater, russell made sure he was gone, and they all started talking shit about him. I sat there, laughed, then pointed out their bitchy-high-school-girl-like qualities.

My report card came today, it was on the refridgerator when I got home. It's now on the floor, but my parents are still happy about my grades. Which, of course, means I can do whatever I want without them being on my back...

Toast Machine tonight, should be fun!

18 mar 05 07:38 - Holy Crap.

Desmond Dekker is coming... they're coming! Ahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 21st: Desmond Dekker, The Aces at Slims, in SF...

Reel Big Fish is rocking oaktown, specifically imusicast. Saturday, April 16th.

Mmmmm... who all is going to the protest in SF tomorrow? If so, would you like to be my bus riding buddy? it's 10AM to 1PM. See all you other hepcats at toast machine... too bad grub n dubb isn't playing.

17 mar 05 18:48

Whoa, I just ran into Erin and Gina at the... tattoo parlour. I was shopping around for a design and ran into them. Weee, that was pleasant! I was tired, though. I got me some cute mary jane shoes... for my tattoo... we weren't in payless, shut up!

Anyways, I went to that place for a job, but they said to come back in a month. Ahh, oh well. I can manage without a job for another while, no big deal.

Today was filled with casa kids being downtown, being attacked by erik, licking zarah's face, being seduced by kylie, leanna, and brit, and of course, making faces at Amber.

Ohhh, I love this kid, he IMed me as soon as I got on. Awww, we're best friends!

pourunouiouunnon (6:46:12 PM): I HATE YOU
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16 mar 05 21:52

...maybe... with all this money I'll be getting from fafsa... I'll be able to go to the college I wanted to...

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